Sustainable Packaging solutions: Save Sea Turtles

Posted by Bob Janik on Jun 15, 2016 9:00:17 AM


Nothing beats the sound of the pop of a can before you start drinking your favorite beverage. Plus, we can all agree that there's nothing more satisfying than enjoying the cold beverage inside the can on a hot day. 

But have you ever thought about what damage those plastic rings holding your 6-pack together are doing to the environment? 

The truth is -- it's less than pleasant. The good news is, with new packaging technology, we can lessen our damage to the environment. 

Biodegradable Six Pack Packaging: Why It's So Important

According to a study conducted by The Ocean Conservancy’s 2015 Ocean Trash Index, plastic is the single greatest detriment to sea turtles.

In fact, this style of packaging (shown below) is the most common piece of garbage that can be found in sea turtles' stomachs, and tangled around their body -- inhibiting their ability to swim, eat, and grow. 


How New Packaging Can Help

Biodegradable rings will hold your six pack just as well as the old school plastic variety, but without harming wildlife, your pets, or the environment.

What makes these rings so unique?

The packaging of these rings is considered not to be harmful if consumed by animals that may be exposed to it in the ocean, out in the wild, or even in your backyard.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions & The Modern Buyer

Now more than than ever before buyers are being motivated to make purchasing decisions based on how environmentally friendly the product is.

In order to retain their market share, vendors and suppliers are creating more options for packaging that fall under the "Green" category to appease eco-friendly buyers.

In addition to biodegradable 6-pack rings, other sustainable packaging solutions include:

Recycled Content Air Cushioning

This green air cushioning is more than just green in color, it is also a great, environmentally friendly, protective packaging solution. 

 It's designed to protect your product in a more sustainable way, without sacrificing your products safety during shipping. This protection is an easy shipping supply switch for a number of markets, including:

  • Fine jewelry
  • Glassware
  • Food
  • Electronics 
  • + More

Not only will customers be delighted when they open the vendor's package with the product in-tact, but they will be proud to know they are part of a sustainable solution for the environment. 

Custom Molded Pulp Trays 

Similar to recycled content air cushioning, pulp trays protect your product while protecting the environment -- making it an easy switch for any business.

 Not only are molded pulp trays often made out of recycled materials, they can be recycled again after use.

Additionally, this packaging:

  • Is not affected by extreme temperatures
  • Is water resistant 
  • Reduces the percentage of damaged merchandise by over 50%

Switch to Sustainable: Talk to Your Packaging and Shipping Product Supplier

Curious about other eco-friendly packaging options for your business?

Talk to a packaging expert today -- and they'll help you find the perfect solution that will keep your products safe, and keep the user experience guilt free.


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