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Strapping Machines: An Underrated Ally for Your Packaging

Posted by Bob Janik on Jul 23, 2018 12:30:13 PM

As your packaging production ramps up, so must your processes.

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Custom Shipping Packaging Supplies You aren't Using (But Should Be!)

Posted by Bob Janik on Jul 9, 2018 12:31:52 PM

“It’s what is inside that really counts.” Although we often say this about people, some manufacturers and distributors think the same way about product packaging. They pore over every product detail, and then ship it out in whatever box that is available, without any thought to protection or presentation. Ignoring custom shipping packaging, however, can have a negative impact on your brand and your bottom line.

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Stock Vs. Custom Packaging Boxes

Posted by Bob Janik on Jun 15, 2018 1:42:52 PM

Sometimes the question of how to package a product comes out as an afterthought. The product is produced and ready to go out to customers, and somebody finally says, “So how are we going to ship this?”

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Topics: Types of Packaging, Custom Supplies, Product Safety, Protective Packaging

4 Business Benefits of Custom Molded Pulp Packaging

Posted by admin on Jun 12, 2017 11:21:48 AM

Molded pulp packaging is a newer type of packaging typically made from recycled materials. It is used for protective packaging mostly for food and beverages. However, it is also a  great option to package delicate items.

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How to Reduce Load Damage With Industrial Packaging Supplies

Posted by Bob Janik on Jan 23, 2017 5:16:23 PM

Every year, companies lose billions of dollars in merchandise during shipment.

Most of the time, this is due to freight not being properly bonded to their pallets. However, sometimes a faulty load due to incorrect stacking is not the problem. Making sure that the packaging process is done correctly may avoid injuries for truck drivers and unloading personnel.

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Topics: Product Safety, Industrial Packaging