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Tips on Product Packaging & Shipping That Make eCommerce Successful

Posted by admin on Nov 9, 2016 6:46:35 PM

Shipping is not what it once was

There is no denying that the rise of online business, or e-commerce, has changed the face of shipping. Gone are the days of mail-order catalogs or TV call-in orders when companies could give a vague “four to six weeks for delivery” and there wasn’t anything customers could do about it, including even track their package. But now, things have changed and we have – along with package-tracking – faster deliveries, better options for returning a package, more streamlined shipping services and even drones delivering packages with optimum efficiency. So what does this mean for your online business? Mostly, it means having to adjust your business model to a customer base that has gotten use to two-day delivery as well as more dynamic and efficient packaging of their products, as well as accounting for and taking the hassle out of returns. Shipping can make or break a sale in the world of e-commerce, depending on if the shipping prices are considered exorbitant or not quick enough for their liking, leading to one of the worst enemies of online retail: shopping cart abandonment, when the customer goes so far as to put a product in their cart but leaves the site before completing the purchase. Shipping can be, and often is, the thing that makes or breaks a sale.

Points to keep in mind

First off, you need packaging for your products, which, since you are not Amazon.com, is where we at CS Packaging come in, with a whole catalog of packaging products – more than eighteen thousand! – that go above and beyond what you would expect at your typical packaging retailer. We can also help with making sure your packaging is dynamic and distinctive with printed cartons and specially-made packages for specific items, like molded pulp trays for long-necked bottles. We also have superior protective packaging for fragile items. CS Packaging is your one-stop shop for your shipping product needs. Once you’ve acquired all the components you need to ship your product, you need to look at all the mitigating factors of your shipping process. One is packaging size, while you do want to be distinctive to your brand, you also want to be efficient about size, use as little of it as possible, as this will offset shipping costs, in short, package for safety and density and avoid unnecessary large packaging. Another major factor is customer expectation for free shipping and delivery times. Online retailers should have a clear and easy to understand shipping policy available on their site that tells customers everything they need to know so there’s no misunderstandings, and establish firm guidelines based on what you can realistically achieve. Make sure that your products are real-time trackable once they have shipped, as this not only lets the customer keep track of it, but also ensures that you are not liable for any issues or errors that might occur once your product has left your business.

Final Word

This is just a quick overview of the things that online businesses need to keep in mind when shipping their products out to customers. The world of e-commerce has changed shipping out products in so many ways, largely very much for the better. But it also means that customer’s expectations have changed with it and that means that online retailers have to work harder and smarter to be able to meet them. Luckily, CS Packaging can at least ensure that your packaging needs are met with items of superior quality and reliable service so you know you’re sending your products out in the most efficient and top of the line packaging.

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