6 Types of Boxes (+ The Best Products to Ship in Them)

Posted by Bob Janik on Sep 27, 2019 4:19:31 PM


So many types of boxes, so many categories of products — do you know which ones are best suited for each other? 

That's what we'll cover in this post, as the right type of corrugated packaging is critical to ensuring that a product arrives at its final destination without incident. On that note, here's a look at six types of boxes, as well as the products that are best suited for shipment in them:

6 Types of Boxes + Optimized Products for Shipping

  1. Side Loading Boxes
  2. Cube Boxes
  3. Tall Boxes
  4. Flat Boxes
  5. Long Boxes
  6. Double Wall Cube Boxes

Though the differences may sound subtle based on the names, understanding the function and application of each is crucial for optimized and safe shipping:

1. Side Loading Boxes: 

If you're looking to protect and ship the likes of delicate posters, mirrors, frames and other long, flat items, side loading boxes are a great fit. Larger side loading boxes may even package the likes of television sets. 

They open on the ends for easy insertion of items, and many also come with overlap flaps to enhance product protection. Certain types are self sealing, while others are designed to lock.

2. Cube Boxes: 

As the name implies, these boxes are standard and square, ideal for packaging a variety of general, non-fragile items and also good for packaging round or uniquely shaped products. 

Because product is designed to fit into these types of boxes and still have excess space, secondary protective packaging is often added to secure items. Cube boxes are one of the most popular types of boxes.

3. Tall Boxes: 

These boxes can be made up to 74 inches in height, are narrow and ideal for packaging the likes of umbrellas, golf clubs, hockey sticks, baseball bats, mailing tubes, certain lamps and more. 

Tall boxes load from the top and are easy to seal.

4. Flat Boxes: 

Flat boxes are similar to side loading boxes, except they load items from the top and not from the ends. 

This makes them ideal for packaging the likes of books, clothes, art and even some of the same things side loaders are good for, like posters and mirrors.

5. Long Boxes: 

Long boxes are similar to tall boxes, except they don't load from the top, but all along the length of the box, which can extend up to 60 inches. 

Extended, somewhat narrow items are ideal for packaging into long boxes, such as golf bags.

6. Double Wall Cube Boxes: 

These boxes are basically cube boxes, but with twice the amount of strength and protection. It makes these boxes perfect for shipping items that would normally go into a cube box, but are heavier and more fragile. 

The double wall box adds that extra layer of security. Some double wall boxes even come with hand holes built into them, making them easier and more convenient to carry heavier items. 

If you're looking for even more security and protection, cube boxes also come in triple wall models.

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What type of box is the best for the items that you're shipping to vendors or end users? 

The packaging is arguably just as important as the product itself. Without the right packaging, the product risks damage during transit, which can lead to an unhappy end user and reflect poorly on your business. 

Take the time to reassess your shipping supplies today and invest in the right type of packaging.