3 Reasons Why Box Partitions Make Happy Customers

Posted by Bob Janik on Feb 28, 2019 1:21:28 PM


Have you ever opened a box, only to see all of the contents mixed around inside with no apparent order or care taken?

Are you doing that to your customers?

Chances are, if you’re shipping your items without box partitions, or box dividers, your products are arriving to your customers as one big jumbled mess. Avoid that unprofessional mess, and enjoy the many benefits of partitions.

3 Benefits of Box Partitions

  1. Organization

  2. Damage control

  3. Customization options

It’s shocking how much a simple piece of cardboard can affect user experience.

But with unboxing becoming trendier than ever, it’s something that every savvy business owner should be considering -- from the largest company, to the smallest Etsy shop.

Here’s why:

1. Organization

Like we said before, untidy packages ruin the consumer experience of getting your products in the mail. This is especially damaging when the customer is receiving your products for the first time; you know what they say, “first impressions last!”

It’s impossible to quantify the damage done when a new customer is displeased right off the bat, before they even use your product.

Box dividers provide a place for everything, so everything has a place. Nothing is forgotten, and the unboxing experience is a breeze for your customer.

2. Damage Control

The only thing worse than a customer opening up a messy, disorganized, box is a customer opening a box only to find out that the products inside are damaged.

Remember, customers are not inclined to account for damage that could incur during shipping or rough handling from the distribution company -- they immediately put the blame on your company for sending them a faulty or damaged product.

This is especially pertinent if you are shipping multiple fragile items. Yes, you may have included protective packaging elements on each individual product, but if they’re ramming together in the box, you’re increasing the chance of damage.

Keep products separate and safe with corrugated box partitions.

3. Customization Options

Not only can you customize chipboard partitions and other box dividers based on your products size and shape, you can also customize them to offer another opportunity for brand awareness.

The more you add to your custom box, the more you are able to splash your company’s slogan, logo, promotional hashtags, or other important info on the shipping supplies.

Every piece of your box can, and should, be used as a marketing touch-point.

Ready to Shop Box Dividers?

Are you sick of getting customer complaints due to broken products and disorganized boxes? Are you ready to implement another marketing touch point?

Check out our custom corrugated flutes and watch your customer experience transform for the better.

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