Custom Floor & Counter Top Displays: Standing Out (+ Budgeting for It)

Posted by Bob Janik on Aug 31, 2018 3:03:57 PM

custom floor and counter top displays Image courtesy of ODM Group.

In business, the "elevator pitch" is crucial. That's the story, anecdote, or explanation of a product that can be delivered in the time it takes an elevator to reach its destination.

In the B2C sphere, your packaging and presentation become that elevator pitch -- and the harder they are to see, enjoy, or understand, the harder you'll have to work to sell your products.

You need to design and budget for custom floor and counter top displays that not only capture the eye, but the imagination of your customers as well. So how can you make that happen?

The Key Is Custom Floor & Counter Top Displays

If your goal is for your in-store displays to capture the attention of customers, they need to be unique; customizing your displays is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

But, the world of customization inherently means there are endless options, and it can be complicated deciding what and how to customize in the way that’s best for your business.

We’ve put together some areas to focus on for custom that should give a good starting point for standing out.

Confirm Brand Identity Through Color

If you were asked which soda had a red and white label, and which had a red and blue one, chances are you'd know them instantly as Coca-Cola® and Pepsi®, respectively.

Color is familiar and appeals to consumers of all ages. Color can also easily convey your brand identity and company message.  Want to convey natural, wholesome, and eco-friendly? Go for a vibrant shade of green. Want people to feel happy or cheerful about your product? Vibrant orange or lemon yellow will do the trick.

It's also one of the easiest ways to get "bang for your budget buck" when it comes to planning, creating, and placing displays - a brightly-colored display works as a billboard that summons attention while holding your product.

Bring Your Display to Life

While you won't be able to Frankenstein some jumper cables to your custom floor and counter top displays, you can certainly equip them with a battery pack or plug.

Moving components like lights, sound, music, and light sensor triggers ensure that your display places itself actively in customer perception, rather than waiting passively to be noticed. Some stores tend to be naturally quiet, making sound a particularly useful tactic.

Some enterprising companies are even fitting their displays with holding frames for tablets to display a commercial or a product tutorial video whenever a customer walks by.

Make Sure Your Display Can Go the Distance

Designing modular displays that can be quickly and easily set up directly from a shipping box means that your products will always be shown in the best light. The more complex and complicated a display is, the greater the risk of a component breaking or becoming lost in transit or storage.

Looks are only one facet of a great custom display - make sure it can stay  looking attractive and professional, even if a few customers decide to invade its personal space, or a curious passing child gets a little grabby.

Your display tells your story when you can't be there to do it in person, so make sure it uses the voice you want to be representing your company!

Ultimately, a well-designed custom floor or counter top display should be:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to spot across a crowded store
  • Easy for store personnel to maintain and upkeep
  • Another way to enhance brand identity

Want some help figuring out the ideal custom floor or counter top display? We can help!

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