Custom Packaging Solutions for Subscription Services

Posted by CS Packaging on Mar 18, 2022 2:22:57 PM

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Throughout the global pandemic, many businesses small and large needed new creative ways to sell their products to potential customers.  A popular option that accounts for a large percentage of eCommerce sales is subscription boxes.  

We saw subscription boxes for everything from beauty products to electronic gadgets and more, and the trend isn’t slowing down.  

But custom subscription boxes require custom packaging solutions (at least the best ones do).

How to Create Custom Subscription Box Packaging 

From custom-printed box solutions to protective packaging inside, subscription box services have a plethora of packaging design options and styles. 

And just as the service or goods need to be unique, so does its packaging. When it's time to create the ultimate packaging solution for custom subscription boxes, there are several touchpoints to consider. 

The Basics (Packaging Styles and Material Types)  

Any packaging design, whether retail, eCommerce or in our case, subscription services, starts from the ground up. Having a thorough understanding of your company's values, goals, and budget is of paramount importance when creating a custom subscription service packaging solution. 

Custom Subscription Boxes 2

At a base level, it’s important to call out the number of products that will be included to formulate the package’s size, the packages' targeted weight rating, as well any durability or strength-related requirements.


For instance, if one of your company's values is sustainability, integrating fully recyclable packaging is important. Or if the subscription service includes any fragile or valuable items, integrating additional layers of protection or higher-strength materials may be necessary, more on this below.  


What's Inside?

Custom subscription box services aren’t specific to one industry, and neither are their packaging options. With the wide array of products being integrated into subscription services, packaging options have grown exponentially in this sector and now cover everything from different box types with custom print to specialty inserts made from all types of materials, 

For fragile items, such as wine-subscription boxes, custom solutions such as paper bubble wrap, partitions or dividers, and inflatable packaging can be integrated to protect not only the wine but also the subscription boxes' brand image. 

The ultimate inner packaging solution for custom subscription boxes is to protect each item and ensure everything arrives at the subscriber fully intact and in the same state that it left the facility, while also giving a pleasing aesthetic.  

Brand Identify 

Walk down any supermarket aisle, it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of brands, and the same can be said about the plethora of custom subscription box services. 

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Consumers have thousands of options to choose from when considering a subscription box. Therefore it’s important to do competitive research and design your packaging to stand out against the crowd when creating the ultimate packaging for your subscription box. 

Custom solutions such as cutout or window boxes, matte or gloss finish,  or even printing the inside of the box can bring a unique and fresh experience to an ever-growing market. The ultimate packaging solution will not only protect your products, but it’ll also give you an impressive unboxing experience and help consumers to identify and desire your brand. 

Custom Subscription Services | Benefits of Working with An Advanced Packaging Solutions Provider 

Designing suitable packaging for custom subscription boxes can be challenging and it’s important to partner with an advanced packaging solutions provider like CS Packaging early on in the process. 

Advanced packaging solutions providers can help dictate which materials, inks, fill options, as well custom or protective options should be integrated and used.  

CS Packaging has proven experience working on all types of custom packaging designs. With a plethora of stock and custom options, CS Packaging aims to be your one-stop shop for all of your shipping and packaging needs.   

Have questions on which type of packaging you should use? Download our Protective Packaging Consideration Guide below or reach out to our dedicated and talented sales team with all of your packaging questions: 

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