Why Using Custom Shipping Packaging Supplies Can be a Game-Changer

Posted by Bob Janik on Nov 19, 2021 2:10:00 PM

“It’s what's on the inside that really counts.”

Although we often say this about people, some manufacturers and distributors think the same way about product packaging.

They look over every product detail, and then ship it out in whatever box that is available, without any thought to protection or presentation.

Ignoring custom shipping packaging, however, can have a negative impact on your brand and your bottom line.

Why You Need Custom Shipping Packaging Supplies

There are many people who will see your package, so why not use it to make a positive brand statement? If your product arrives damaged because the packaging did not perform correctly, your company loses time in customer service and wastes time and money sending a replacement.

This doesn’t even take into consideration whether that person remains a customer, or how many other people they might talk to about their experience!

What Are Custom Shipping Packaging Supplies?

There are two sides to custom packaging. One is the packaging itself, which needs to be constructed specifically for a particular product to protect it during the shipping process. A well-constructed package also makes a positive impression when end consumers first receive it.


The other side of custom packaging is what it says to everyone who handles it. Your package may be handled by delivery people, salespeople, warehouse workers, and many others before it gets to the consumer.

Use every chance to make a brand statement with digital printing on the outside of your box. What can this strategy do?

  • Present a positive association with your brand
  • Promote your subscription service
  • Serve as a walking billboard when used in custom retail packaging

Which Packaging Supplies Should Be Customized?

Some of the many ways to customize shipping packaging supplies include:

1. Packing Tape

Although tape doesn’t get a lot of attention, it can cause a lot of problems if it doesn’t hold the box closed. Once you’ve got the right tape strength for the job, print a logo on it to increase brand awareness.

2. Boxes

In addition to outside printing, the construction itself is crucial. You can order a special thickness for a custom-printed corrugated box that will keep your product safer. Custom retention packaging or foam packaging will protect sensitive products from shock and vibration.

3. Partitions

Custom partitions keep multiple products inside a box from bumping into each other and becoming damaged. Combined board or corrugated flutes can be customized to provide the necessary level of protection.

4. Edge Protectors

These provide corner integrity with capacity from light to heavy-duty. They can be printed with “Do not double stack” to further prevent crushing.

Additionally, your custom shipping packaging supplies provider can ensure product safety with an edge crush test -- making sure your box will not be easily damaged in transit.

5. Delicate Items

Glassware, wine bottles, and delicate electronic items are best protected by custom molded pulp trays or air cushion packaging, which creates a secure, resilient barrier between your product and its shipping container.

Not Sure What to Customize?

Although stock packaging has its place, you should definitely use custom shipping packaging supplies to make sure your products look their best and are properly protected whenever possible.

Not sure what to customize for your business? Talk to one of our packaging experts  or download our protective packaging consideration guide below:

Download the Protective Packaging Guide


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