Small Business Packaging Solutions: Compete with the Big Players

Posted by CS Packaging on May 17, 2021 9:00:00 AM

As a small business owner, you're likely to focus more on other core functions of your business, forgetting that packaging (including  custom packaging) is equally important. Your products must be well-packaged to reach your customers intact, undamaged, and memorable.

Engaging the right B2B industrial packaging provider for your business and shipping needs is a sure way of getting your products delivered on time and in good shape. But not all packaging companies have the best small business packaging solutions. So how do you go about choosing the right industrial packaging partner?

What to Consider When Choosing a Small Business Packaging Solutions Partner

Consider the following factors:

  • Quality of packaging material used
  • Presence of a variety of packaging solutions
  • Good customer service
  • Your storage space
  • Reliability
  • Your budget

Quality of Packaging Material Used

One of the main reasons why customers receive damaged products is the usage of low-quality packaging materials. The services of the  third-party logistics provider you choose may also affect how your products get delivered.

Some providers claim to supply high-quality packaging materials, yet that's not the case. For that reason, make sure to find time to inspect what the company is offering. Check that they supply American-made corrugated products that adhere to national standards and have a cert stamp or certificate of authenticity . If possible, ask for a few samples.

Presence of a Variety of Packaging Solutions

The needs of your business can change at any time. For that reason, you should consider a packaging company that can deliver many different products on short notice. For example, if you urgently need customized cosmetic packaging solutions, is the company in a position to deliver on time?

Today, most companies give their customers the flexibility they need by offering them a variety of cost-effective packaging solutions.

Good Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a business, and many packaging providers understand this well. However, lack of communication can frustrate you. To avoid unnecessary headaches, you should consider a company that you can easily contact anytime you need a hand. Some companies even have special teams that handle their customers' requests, complaints, and emergencies.

If you want world-class services, consider choosing a company that takes time to understand your needs.

Your Storage Space

Do you have enough storage space?

The space you have can help in determining the packaging company best suited to provide you with packaging solutions. With some providers only preferring to sell bulk quantities, you may want to consider a provider who accepts low-volume orders if you have small storage space. You may also consider a provider who warehouses your items at their facility for you then delivers as needed. So, before you begin your research on potential providers, make sure you have assessed the capacity of both your warehouse and theirs.


Small businesses need reliability more so than million-dollar companies. When growing your business, you want to avoid anything that can slow it down. As such, when partnering with a packaging provider, there's a need to ensure that they can pivot and adapt to your changing needs. This guarantees you can count on them.

Otherwise, you might end up inconveniencing your customers just because the company didn't deliver on time. When you scan through the provider's reviews, you should get a rough idea of how reliable the company in question is.

Your Budget

Your budget sometimes can limit your ability to stretch and who you contract. And considering you'll likely be dealing with small orders often, it makes sense to find a company that provide the items you need at a low minimum order quantity. That way, it will be easier to grow your business without worrying a lot about getting extra financial support.

Small businesses store things as they get orders, and therefore having a reliable and just-in-time  provider is vital. That said, CS Packaging has low minimums. You can get as low as 25 boxes at a time. In addition, we have over 30,000 in-stock items that are ready to be shipped the next day. So, if you're worried about how to keep your small business afloat with the money you have, CS Packaging has your back.

What Next?

Whether you are looking for standard brown boxes, a custom packaging partner, or retail packaging partner, the experts at CS Packaging are always ready to help. Get in touch today if your business needs a packaging partner and find out what we can do for you.

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